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Corporate Accounting Solutions

Welcome to Corporate Accounting Solutions

At certain times looking after the financial health of a company will become an overwhelming task. You need help, but how can you find qualified accounting support fast?

Corporate Accounting Solutions is dedicated to providing the highest quality accounting professionals to support your temporary or permanent project needs. In these fast paced times of rapid expansion and contraction in business activity, having highly qualified outsource affiliates is essential. Nowhere is this more true than in the support of your accounting department. You may be going through a rapid expansion, an audit or changing your accounting software. Corporate Accounting Solutions will work in conjunction with your accounting department or CPA firm to see that the work is done right and done on time. That will provide you with something you've been looking for in your business for a long time…a little peace of mind.

Corporate Accounting Solutions is a progressive new concept in accounting and finance department support. We provide experienced accounting professionals on a temporary or permanent outsource basis for internal corporate accounting assistance. Our certified professionals are guaranteed to be immediately productive, whatever your requirements.

What makes us special?

Unlike a temp agency, we employ only professional individuals who have made a career choice to provide accounting and finance department support of the highest level; not out of work temporary employees. Every CAS consultant must meet our exacting educational and experience requirements. Most are CPA's. Therefore, a CAS consultant is immediately productive without training, constant supervision, or problems from mishandled assignments.

With a consultant from CAS, not only will you be getting the highest level of professionalism, you'll get the expertise of the entire CAS team. All CAS clients are assigned a Manager who provides oversight to our staff and a higher level of accounting expertise when you need it. We train, support and supervise our employees - so you don't have to. Our unique team approach guarantees you the best possible service.

In recent years Business Process Outsourcing has gained a lot of attention. Businesses have begun to realize the many benefits of outsourcing specific business functions to organizations with the expertise to handle these functions in the most efficient and cost effective manner. This allows the company to focus on its core business, thereby increasing its profitability. Accounting and bookkeeping functions are among the fastest growing sector of processes to be outsourced. Some companies may wish to outsource just one function or process while others may wish to outsource all of their financial transaction processing. CAS is prepared to provide our clients with whatever level of service they require.

Call us to discuss your internal corporate accounting requirements. We'll certify any CAS consultant to be competent and committed, whatever the difficulty or duration of the assignment. Professionals are available for per diem, project or permanent assignments. We guarantee your complete satisfaction.

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